Map of Batesville MississippiPanola County Overview

Panola County is a great place to live. There is a strong sense of community in our towns, with friendly neighbors, lots of things to do, community events, and a low cost of living. With our proximity to Memphis, a night out in the big city or a flight to your next vacation is only a short drive away.

Reasons Why We Love It Here

  1. Friendly neighbors
    Don’t be surprised if a stranger says, “Good morning” to you as you walk on by. Panola County is full of people with Southern charm, where being friendly is just a way of life.
  2. Low cost of living
    Property taxes and sales taxes are low, homes are affordable, and expenditures are lower than the national average. This means your dollar goes further in Panola County.
  3. The climate is great
    With mild winters and warm summers, Panola County is a great place for outdoor activities.
  4. Safe communities
    Panola County is a safe place to raise your family. With a low crime rate and the protection provided by 17 full-time and 3-part time officers in the Panola County Sheriff’s Department and also those officers in local police deprtments, our neighbors sleep well at night.
  5. Lots of things to do
    Whether you like to be outdoors, golfing, shopping, dining, or learning about history, there are lots of things to do in Panola County.

Did You Know

Panola County is the birthplace of two Mississippi Governors: The Honorable Cliff Finch and The Honorable Ronnie Musgrove.