Panola County History

1832 – Como first settled by George Tait
1836 – Boundaries of Panola County established
1839 – town of Panola (a Chickasaw word meaning cotton) had become an important port on the south side of the Little Tallahatchie River
1857 – First train passed through Panola Depot
1858 – Panola renamed Batesville
1866 – Sardis is incorporated
1871 – Sardis becomes one of the two county seats
1872 – Pope is incorporated
1877 – Panola County gives up a small portion of land to assist in the formation of Quitman County

Panola County Today

Panola County Residents

Panola County Residents

Located in the northwestern portion of Mississippi, Panola County is made up of diverse terrains, communities, and industries offering unlimited opportunities. Panola County fuses the rolling hills of North Mississippi to America’s Fertile Crescent, the Delta. This unique topography allows Panola County to maintain harmony between agriculture, industry and urban economic growth.

Cities, Towns, and Communities

Each of the County’s major communities boasts access to public libraries, city parks, and organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club, which nurture youth and provide a safe environment conducive to cultivating young minds.

Learn more about the major cities and towns in Panola County

Besides the major cities and towns in Panola County, we have numerous tightly knit communities, most of which have their own volunteer fire departments and several churches.

  • Asa
  • Askew
  • Ballentine
  • Bluff Springs
  • Central Academy
  • Curtis Station
  • Eureka Springs
  • Glenville
  • Horatio
  • Liberty Hill
  • Locke Station
  • Longtown
  • Mims
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Shuford
  • Terza
  • Tocowa
  • Yellow Lake